YON-KA Body Treatments

Gommage Marin 25 mins €45
Energising Full Body Scrub - leaving the skin soft and satin
smooth. Invigoration exfoliation with Marine Salts and
Essential Oils.

Soins Velours 55 mins €65
Moisturising body polish treatment. Full Body exfoliation
followed by a nourishing massage for satin soft skin.

Hydralessence Corps: 1 hr 25 mins €95
Long lasting hydrating and comforting treatment. Full body
exfoliation, then Marine Mud mask, followed by 20 mins of

Phyto Marine Mud Wrap 1 hr 25 mins €105
Detoxifying and contouring body treatment. The marine mud
has essential oils, such as eucalyptus and lemon.

Secret De Beaute 1hr 55 mins €145
Head to toe reviver. Full body exfoliation followed by tension
relieving back, neck and shoulder massage. Hydrating facial
incorporating feet treatment.

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