ESPA Advanced Treatments

ESPA Advanced therapy treatments are designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress using heated basalt lava stones concentrating on common discomforts such as stiff neck, lower back pain and tight shoulders.

ESPA Full Body Massage with Hot Stones

Duration: 1hr 20mins Price: €150

Duration: 1hr Price: €110

Heated volcanic basalt lava stones rich in minerals are used for an intensive massage.

When placed on specific energy points, stones can help the body to clear blocked energy centres, induce deep relaxation and dissolve tension.

ESPA Back, Face & Scalp Massage with Hot Stones

Duration: 1hr 50mins Price: €195

Duration: 1hr 20mins Price: €150

(without Hot Stones)

This sophisticated therapy uses hot stones to work on tension and restore balance. A deep

cleansing back exfoliation is followed by a hot stone back massage and a personalised facial.

Enjoy an oriental head massage clearing your mind and calming your spirit.

ESPA Body Ritual

Duration: 1hr 50mins Price: €195

This treatment combines a body wrap and massage to restore equilibrium, peace of mind and bring deep relaxation to body and spirit.

Following body exfoliation, a Marine Algae or Mud wrap is applied and the scalp gently massaged.

Once you have taken a refreshing shower, a tailor made aromatherapy massage takes place, leaving you with a sense of wellbeing, cleansed and revitalised.

Bamboo Massage Experience

Duration: 1hr 20mins Price: €150

Duration: 1hr Price: €110

(massage only)

A full body treatment using warm bamboo sticks to assist in stretching, joint mobility and improve

flexibility. Beginning with a foot ritual, body exfoliation and facial cleanse this free flowing massage is ideal for those experiencing deep seated muscle tension whilst helping to soothe and calm the mind and body.

All treatments (55mins or more) include access to the thermal suite and the relaxation lounge

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