ESPA Ayurvedic Rituals

Ayurvedic treatments use ancient massage techniques to offer deep relaxation. Selected essential oils soften the skin and melt away tension to bring your body and mind back into a harmonious balance.

Shirobhyanga Head Massage
Duration: 25mins Price: €55
A relaxing yet stimulating scalp massage focusing on vital energy points.This compact treatment
will reduce tension, increase circulation and leave an improved feeling of well-being.

Shirodhara Third Eye Massage
Duration: 15mins Price: €50
This traditional Ayurvedic treatment is the practice of warm oil poured onto the forehead and scalp to help ease the stress of the body and calm the emotions of the mind. While not offered as a stand-alone treatment, it is a wonderful addition to many of our ESPA Ayurvedic rituals.

ESPA Chakra Balancing Treatment with Hot Stones
Duration: 1hr 50mins Price: €195
Renowned as our signature treatment and loved by many, this deeply relaxing ESPA treatment
focuses on rebalancing the seven chakras that affect the mind and body.  Your treatment will begin with skin brushing, body exfoliation and a facial cleanse, followed by an indulgent full body massage using individually chosen essential oils and hot stones. Your experience will conclude with a soothing head massage.

‘Best BodyTreatment’ -The IrishTatler SpaAwards

Dosha Inspired Hot Stone Massage & BodyWrap

Duration: 1hr 50mins Price: €195

Following a consultation to establish your ayurvedic dosha type, the heat level of the stones and the massage’s depth and speed is adjusted based on your needs.
Your treatment begins with a salt and oil scrub, followed by a dosha inspired stone massage and
body wrap, finishing with a balancing oriental scalp massage to achieve absolute relaxation and tranquility.

All treatments (55mins or more) include access to the thermal suite and the relaxation lounge

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